23 November 2011

Updating portfolio - help needed

What I hate with passion: updating my portfolio. What to take out and what to add. I'm talking about my Modelm Mayhem port here.

No I need you help! Not just want, you see, but need.

First of all, any ideas what to throw away from my port? In order to add new stuff there I need to get rid of the older ones. There's a limit to the number of pics there. The ones you possibly cannot see (unless you got profile there as well) are nude and you don't need to worry about those. :D

Second which of these pics on this post should I add there? I love them both so much, just can't decide. I'm talking about the girly little black dress -pics by Marko.

Also I got so many pics from the photoshoot with Niko (the link opens up all posts tagged with Niko ie. all posts with his name tagged) earlier that I'm having serious trouble... O.O Not to mention the Latex Gone Golfing -shoot with Markus (don't forget the first part of the series either)!

So if you can help me, I'd be happy! ^^

(c) Niko Rakkolainen 2011, MUA + styling Riikka Satama

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  1. From Marko´s photos I am a fan of the first one (the one that be higher in thy blogpost).


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