23 April 2010


Mine are small but I love them, okay!?

I just recently read this blog where the writer (a 20 y.o. Finnish girl) said out loud that she's saving for silicone breasts and that she thinks everyone should do whatever they can to improve their looks by surgigal means. She also stated that her concept of beauty is exceptionally good and therefore she should be the judge in all kinds of beuty contests. Her idea of beuty or a beautiful woman is thus someone with plastic all over and fake this and that (cos few of us has it all by birth).
That's kinda sad, really.

Also, I just a moment ago ran into the portfolio of a model who does mainly nudes and has really small tits. And I wanted to praise her for what she's doing! She didn't even try to make her boobs look bigger, but more so she had a lot of stretches that made her titties disappear alltogether! That, my friends, I'd call brave!

One photographer once told me I look "manly" (that's the exact word he used) if I don't be careful with my breast during the shoot. At the time I said nothing, I was more like.. whattahell he just said? But later, now that I think of it, that fuckin idiot! Who says that to a model!? And besides, the pose wasn't anything where the boob would disappear from stretching or the like. I was sitting on a girly fashion on the floor with a skirt on.. my hair was covering my bare breasts. Oh well. I don't need to shoot with thoughtless people like that again. And truth be told, I never said anything to him about this discomfort.. and that kinda bugs me.

Also on this one web site out of the pics I chose to be sent in, only one was published -and that one was definately not the one with an aforementioned stretching pose where my tit had reduced to a nip. I mean, out of maybe a 5-10 pics they chose one to show on the site and that one they chose was, in my opinion, far worse than the one with the disappeared tit. And the only cause for that, that I can think of, is the lack of tit. Hmm.. well, this is just speculation. Might not've been that reason really.. But just a thought.
Anyway. I didn't mean to sound like a bitter chick with itty bitty titties. I meant to sound like someone who embraces her small tits, wouldn't change them for a million and seriously wishes and hopes that other girls and women with not so humongous set of jugs would appreciate their set of pretty little ones^^. And mind you, I don't mean to say the big titted ladies should feel less appreciative toward their own boobies! And I don't mean to say I loathe silicones or the people who want/have them. I just don't like the idea that everyone should look like the copy of each other! A copy of some perfect fantasy woman who, in the end, does not even excist.

If a photographer wants to shoot with me, they should know I don't have a D-cup - and that's apparent if they'd take a minute to check my portfolio (eg. on MM I have semi nudes as well where you can see the state of affairs). If a photographer needs to worry about me looking manly if my tits won't be right there on the pic.. I can just hope they wouldn't work with me in the first place.

Ooookay. Now all photographers are on the alert when shooting toppless with me.. x) Well, no need. Of course a photographer can tell me to move here or there to get my tits on the pic better or something like that. Just.. just that, well, you should know, I have smaller tits than some, but for me it's not a hindrance or a lack and it shouldn't be to you either.

There, I said it. You can hate me now;).

And here's an angry face and a bit of a tit.
(By Arto Soini, last winter.)

22 April 2010

Babble, babble

A while ago I did a test shoot with Michael Schultes, a German photographer who was visiting Finland due to work related matters (gosh, aren't I sounding formal!). This is one of the pics I've got since. He's really busy at the moment, so I'll probably get some more pics later. :)

As I think I've mentioned, I got some shoots planned, but I've been busy with my studies and work and managing them both. This is the time of year when everything piles up at the university studying world.. Although, I started feeling like I'm stressed for nothing, since people around me seem to have tons more studying stuff than I do. Oh well. My indian (or should I say native American?) name is probabaly Stresses-a-lot or something. However, I managed to finally pull together my BA!!! ^^ And as for my other studies, I only have one paper to finnish and that'll be it for this Spring! I also ralised while filling in the application form for the BA degree, that I have enough completed courses to fill my MA! :D How cool is that. All I need to do now is the last courses in my major and do the (feared) thesis. Hmm. Now I ended up babbling about something toooootally irrelevant to my modelling. :D Although, I could link this to modelling in the sense that this affects how much I'm able to do it right now.

Aaaaanyway: here's a pic by Michael Schultes.

14 April 2010

Cute n pink!

Wheeeee, I got the pics now from February's shoot with Ilari Nurmi. :)

Aren't I cute or what? x) We were meant to do something different and went for the pink theme.

This shoot was different in that too, that this was the first time ever(?) I didn't really get any direction from the photographer. :) It was kinda cool for a change. I said about this to him and he told me he thought I had a good flow going on there with my posing so he reckoned I didn't need any help. ^^

(I think about this pic below Tyra in ANTM would say: "You're modelling from head to toe" ;) cos I think I pretty much am!)

Here, below, you can see my tats pretty well.

It was fun shooting with Ilari and there's gonna be a reunion in the summer maybe.. or at some point anyway! It's always more fruitful to do a shoot with someone whose ways you already know.. and who knows mine. :D

One more pic I have to add.. I'm not sure whether I love this or not. There's the pinky, but then there are some other things that I'm not quite as fond of. For instance, I totally should've leaned forward a bit so I'd look less stomachy and shortlegged. What do you think?! :) Keep it or loose it? Feedback please!

8 April 2010

Jodie goes Actress!

Oooh, this "Jodie goes x" is totally excellent in use! I can use it in any context. x) And I will in the future too! Hahaaaa! Just to irritate you^^!

But back to the subject.. acting. :) Used to do that as a kid passionately, thereafer grew too self concious to do any. However! Here it says that I, in fact, am an actress. :D You might not recognize me though, cos in modelling, obviously, I use a "stage name". (Always felt that Johanna is too plain and booring.)

But this of course refers to the Duke Nukem film trailer thingy I posted about some time ago. It's coming along quite nicely now and we should soon be able to see some results. At least I hope so! :D It's great that the film has already gained some popularity, there's for instance a Facebook -group. Well, nowadays everything is on FB anyway..

And just to fill this post up with links, check out this teaser on youtube.

7 April 2010

A Bit of Oldies Again

I'm waiting for a couple of photographers to retouch some pics and so I got nothing new to post atm. However, since I have photos from year 2006 onwards, I can always post old ones that are new to you guys! :D Whohoo!

This is by Markus Lehto and in fact it ain't that old. We did this shoot in January this year. The location is the backstage of Klubi here in Turku. I love the writings on the wall!

This was the first shoot in a year with Markus. It was pretty unbelievable, since we used to work together a LOT back in the day. It's also awesome to see how we both have developed with our skills.

Oh, and it seems that everyone prefers the first one of the two pics in my last post. :D


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