8 April 2010

Jodie goes Actress!

Oooh, this "Jodie goes x" is totally excellent in use! I can use it in any context. x) And I will in the future too! Hahaaaa! Just to irritate you^^!

But back to the subject.. acting. :) Used to do that as a kid passionately, thereafer grew too self concious to do any. However! Here it says that I, in fact, am an actress. :D You might not recognize me though, cos in modelling, obviously, I use a "stage name". (Always felt that Johanna is too plain and booring.)

But this of course refers to the Duke Nukem film trailer thingy I posted about some time ago. It's coming along quite nicely now and we should soon be able to see some results. At least I hope so! :D It's great that the film has already gained some popularity, there's for instance a Facebook -group. Well, nowadays everything is on FB anyway..

And just to fill this post up with links, check out this teaser on youtube.

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