31 December 2011

Buh Bye Old Year

I was just thinking about the year that's just coming to the end. It was pretty crappy year and pretty much everything sucked except for the photoshoots! :) And modelling is one thing that has made me sooo happy during 2011. I did some amazing photoshoots with old and new photographers and I feel as though I've really grown as a model. :)

Even though the end of this year has been quiet and I haven't done many photoshoots, I got plans with a couple of photographers for the near future! So Jodie keeps on modelling, don't you worry! :D Also, I guess I'm sort of going to be represented by an agency soon. Hope that brings new work.

Also I love how this blog has developed and how I got so many readers and page views and the wonderful comments I get from you! <3

I'm going to add here a pic from weheartit (here), it has no fireworks, cos I don't like them at all. Instead there is a big city - which is something I'd love to find myself in one day. Perhaps year 2012...

Happy New Year my dear followers! ^^

17 December 2011

Change on the layout

Heyyyy I made the blog a bit wider so I can post bigger pics and so that you don'tnecessarily need to click them to see them bigger. How you like it? I changed the pics in the newest posts bigger.. is it better or not for a reader/viewer?


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