3 May 2012

More talk, less action

Hello people. I'm bored and my Formspring is almost forgotten.. sooooo, ASK ASK ASK! :D

Also a little update on my previous post: I'm not doing the fashion show after all. :( That kinda sucks but I understand they want all the girls to be relatively the same size. However, something good came out of the almost-in-the-show -situation: I might become a hair model later this Spring/Summer. :) I hope not terribly much later, cos my hair is a little outgrown already. Also I was suggested to apply for Azzurro modelling agency, which is pretty much the best for my kind of models in Finland. I'm not sure about that yet though. I'm not sure if I'm that into modeling any more. O.O And since I am now officially unemplyed, modelling gigs might create some piles of paperwork for the unemployment office etc. I know, that's a stupid reason.. but.. well, I think too much sometimes. :D

And hey, we're doing a photoshoot on Sunday with Emilia after a looooong time. :) Also another shoot planned for the end of next week. So we'll see if I can even model anymore. :D But that means I'll be able to post pics soon as well instead of just talking!


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