25 February 2010

The First of the Week

Yesterday we did a shoot with Sami. It felt like I havent't shot with him for ages! So, it was a relaxed and fun shoot. ^^ Here's a little of what we came up with.. We did, I think you could say four different concepts during the shoot! This hippie-style was one of them. And even though this outfit was sith vibrant beautiful colours I prefer this b&w for some reason. O.o But I'll post some coloured ones as well later, I promise.

I've wanted to do a shoot with this look ever since I did my first shoot ever. I used to wear the headscarf a lot way back when. However, my style is not that much of a hippie anymore and I just don't have the balls to wear a scarf anymore. Even though it's so lovely and easy and I think looks good on me. O.o These clothes are my old ones too. I'm taking them to a thrift store now, but I really used wear for exapmple that shirt!! :D Okay, those trousers are my godmother's old and I wear them at home.. and I'm not sure if I want to get rid of that top either.. O.o too many memories and and.. I get attached to my clothes dammit!! Aaaand here I go again chatting about something totally unrelated to modelling. xD Sorry!! (But that's just how I am. Ó.ò)
Another style we tried was the sugared lips that I've seen many times before. Still, it was fun to do and looks kinda cool! :D

Oh oh, and one more thing about the headscarf! Once a hairdresser told me I have a beautiful neck! :D That was when I had a normal sort of hair and I was getting it done for my "prom" during highschool. But yeah, this look also shows my faaaaabulous neck. ;D Heeheee. (And I sure hope you can locate irony in a text.)

Oh yeaaah, and you can perhaps spot a part of my latest tattoo on that hippie-pic. :)

16 February 2010

Next week - a photoshoot week!

(Just dropped in to say a few words.)

Next week is gonna be awesome when it comes to doing shoots. I have three shoots planned, two of them in Helsinki where I'll spend the weekend at my friend's place. It's gonna be great!

I'm looking forward to all these shoots - and going second hand shopping in Helsinki with my friend. In Vallila there's just the best flea market/ second hand market I've probably ever been to. Okay, and the shoots are gonna be interesting too! :D One with a familiar photographer here in Turku and two in Helsinki with new ones. :) I'm excited. I'm not going to tell anything more though.. too scared that if I tell it won't happen.. O.o

Oh and I got a new tattoo as well! ^^ I'm so happy about it.

But hey. I believe I'm too tired to communicate with anything but smileys right now. :D Studying and working and so on.. (and waking up two hours too early by accident and so on..)

But just thought to let you know that I'm alive and kicking and something new is coming up soon:D!

And to spice things up, here's a pic by Markus Lehto from a photoshoot we did about a year ago. A bit of softer side of me.

Got me wondering.. why haven't I used this pic in my port or anywhere.. cos I rather like this whole set where this is from. Hm. We'll better now than never or howd'yasayit.

9 February 2010

Duke Nukem

Last summer I had the priviledge to be part of my friend's and his production company's short film project. I had no experience on film making (though las winter I was asked for two music videos, but the one was too obscure so I declined and sadly the other had trouble with the budget so it wasn't made after all although it sounded really really good and I was super excited, but these things happen..). So, when my friend called me and asked me to be part of this project, of course I said yes! Although I had a bit of a nasty boyfriend situation at the time, and especially when I heard I was to play a stripper I saw trouble coming. But hey, it's my life and no one can take away things an old grandmom Jodie might reminiscent as "those were the days". Okay, now I got sidetracked. :D Whoops.

So, I went for the shoot regardless of the (now x-) bf... luckily^^!

It was interesting to firstly, get my makeup done by a professional! I would've wanted to ask a million questions but wouldn't dare, cos she was there for the make up not for the advice giving..Oh and I had just started antibiotics for a sinus infection and I was a BIT blurry and dizzy and hell of a tired and coughing a LOT. I mean, coughing with tears in my eyes sort of thing.

So, it was a long day, but enjoyable nevertheless. ^^ I'm ever so happy I was asked and that I went. It was crazy seeing how filming actually happens. O.o Millions of takes of a one single scene. Wow. Oh and I learned one basic pole dance move! There happened to be a stripper present (cos we were shooting at a strip club) and she showed me how to do a spin. It seemed so difficult at first, but I think I mastered it quite well. And now all I wanna learn is how to do pole dance for real.

Okay, back to the topic again (I'm terrible at this). The short film or game trailer is still not ready, but today I bumped into my friend who's making the film and he told me it's almost done now! Great!!! An in case you wonder why's it been taking so long, it's probably cos this is a side project for everyone and nobody's actual work work. These guys have their studies and their production company and I understood this was a project for fun mostly. :)

Here some pics from the shoot. I believe they were both shot by Kelly the MUA. (Gotta say, love the tan on me :D!)

And here's "Duke" and me. (His beard was hidden cleverly when actually shooting.. ;))

4 February 2010

The beginning. For real this time.

Yep, now I think this is more reader-friendly. I even added a couple pictures. I'll make a list of links later to the photographers' pages and so on. But hey, this is all for today. Sorry for such a short and information-free post, but I'm too tired now. :D Only just was able to adjust the colors..

But, see you later!

Oh and in the meantime, you could log in as a Follower! :D It's not too difficult really.

3 February 2010

Whopee yeah!

Hi there! This is my blog about my modelling stuff. And this is the first ever post in here. In the future I'll post pictures from photoshoots and babble about them. But first, I need to fix all the settings for this blog and hopefully even create a banner one day that would look like moi. Or, get someone to create that banner for me;D! (I'm not a pro with either coding or photoshopping. In fact, I kinda suck at both.)

Okay, tell me, does this layout give you a headache? Cos maybe a lighter text might work better on such a dark background colour. Or lighter background might work..


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