16 February 2010

Next week - a photoshoot week!

(Just dropped in to say a few words.)

Next week is gonna be awesome when it comes to doing shoots. I have three shoots planned, two of them in Helsinki where I'll spend the weekend at my friend's place. It's gonna be great!

I'm looking forward to all these shoots - and going second hand shopping in Helsinki with my friend. In Vallila there's just the best flea market/ second hand market I've probably ever been to. Okay, and the shoots are gonna be interesting too! :D One with a familiar photographer here in Turku and two in Helsinki with new ones. :) I'm excited. I'm not going to tell anything more though.. too scared that if I tell it won't happen.. O.o

Oh and I got a new tattoo as well! ^^ I'm so happy about it.

But hey. I believe I'm too tired to communicate with anything but smileys right now. :D Studying and working and so on.. (and waking up two hours too early by accident and so on..)

But just thought to let you know that I'm alive and kicking and something new is coming up soon:D!

And to spice things up, here's a pic by Markus Lehto from a photoshoot we did about a year ago. A bit of softer side of me.

Got me wondering.. why haven't I used this pic in my port or anywhere.. cos I rather like this whole set where this is from. Hm. We'll better now than never or howd'yasayit.

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  1. Kaunis ja herkän näköinen kuva :)
    Kiva lukea välillä mallin pitämää blogia kun lähinnä noita kuvaajien blogeja tullut luettua.


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