18 October 2012

Hei tyypit...

jos teitä kiinnostaa, ni mulla on toinenkin blogi, jossa siis lähinnä avaudun kaikesta ja pähkäilen mun tylsää elämää. :D Täällä.

Only in Finnish, cos I'm advertising my Finnish blog - nothing to do with modelling.

9 October 2012

Old times serenity

These pics are from the last Summer. One of my favourite photographers made a comeback: I shot with Emilia after a long time. We did this shoot in collaboration with Boutique Minne.

(c) Emilia Kallinen 2012

(c) Emilia Kallinen 2012

(c) Emilia Kallinen 2012

(c) Emilia Kallinen 2012

(c) Emilia Kallinen 2012

Even though I'm not taking any modelling jobs right now, we're planning on testing Emilia's newly acquired MUA skills and, of course, combining it with a photoshoot. As soon as we have the time.

18 September 2012

Liebster Award

Ha, some life to this blog then. I got awarded by Anne from the Pumping Penguin by the Liebster Award. Thank you! ^^ Aaand since tonight I'm bored and not sleepy, I might follow these rules even though I'm not so sure if it has anything to do with this blog. And I' ll just skip the step 3 of the rules. Anyone can copy this and share on their blog. :)

Rules of Liebster Award:
1. The person nominated must share 11 facts about themselves.
2. The person nominated must answer the questions the tagger
( the person who nominated them) set for them.
3. The person nominated must choose 11 people to tag (nominate)
and create 11 questions for them to answer.
Then they must go to their pages and let them know they were nominated!
There are no tag backs!

11 Random Facts about me (eek!)

1. I get sore neck/upper back soooo easily and it makes me dizzy (right now). Usually stress related.
2. I stress a lot. It must be genetic.
3. I'm weirded out by my lack of ethusiasm for modelling.
4. I'm watching America's Next Top Model and Finland's NTM just to make sure...
5. No, seriously, I watch them cos I fucking love reality tv.
6. I graduated from the University this Spring with MA.
7. Now I'm unemployed.
8. I'm even more weirded out by my lack of enthusiasm for modelling cause I have absolutely nothing to do in my life.
9. ...although I do have a boyfriend, which is somewhat time consuming.
10. I just visited Lisbon and loved it. Especially the people there!
11. I was just thinking maybe I could possibly even think about doing an outdoors nude shoot now that it's getting chilly again and it would be most uncomfortable for everyone.

11 Answers for Anne's questions 
(I'm translating the questions here as well to maintain coherency)

1. Your favourite memory from the Summer
- Oooh, had to chech my calendar to see what was going on. I've been quite down, but there have been lots of wonderful and awesome moments with my best of the best friends and my bf. Going to the beach, eating out, friend's bachelorette party I organized.. oh, my graduation with fancy dinner, visiting my home town with my bf. Yeah, I guess it was a good summer after all.

2. Theme song for the Autumn
- Must be something by Iiris. I saw her at Ilosaarirock and fell in love.

3. Tips for getting sleep at night
- I usually do fall asleep quite easily. If I don't I'll just get out of the bed to do something completely different like leaf through old photo books or something. Out of bed, freshen up the room, drink some water, go to bed when tired. Also if I know I reallu need t get some sleep I take a pill or two of Valeriana root extract (called Unihiekka). Always works for me.

4. Your totem animal
- Gosh. A hedgehog probably. Or a frog. But probably the hedgehog. They are spiky on the outside but quite cuddly anyways. :D

5. Which instrument would you like to learn to play?
- The cello

6. Where do you spend most of your time?
- This is easy: at home. (And it sucks.)

7. When was the last time you blushed?
- I do not remember. I'm not sure if I'm a blusher.. hmm.. might have been this summer, but the reason is totally cencored.

8. Your fave city and why?
- From the places visited so far: Barcelona. Went there a year ago and the minute the plane landed I felt a strong sensation of  "I love this place" and "wow".

9. Who would you like to be (other that yourself)?
- Aaaagh.. someone who knows exactly what they want in life and then just do it. Maybe a housewife in California or something. :D

10. What was the last book you've read/ what are you reading now?
- Aaaargh, hate to answer this just now,cos I managed to finish the hideously boring 50 Shades and haven't yet started on a new book, which btw will be  Caitlin Moran's How to Be a Woman. :)

11. What exciting are you planning to do within the next 6 moths or so?
- Um... I sure hope something exciting will come up. Maybe join a gym if I can afford it.

11 Questions for you
1. What was your favourite toy as a kid?
2. What are your fave shoes right now?
3. If you could try and do anything -anything- what would that be?
4. How did your 15-year old self imagine you at you present age? Did that come true?
5. What are your plans or goals for the upcoming 5 years?
6. If you could change something from your past, what would that be (if anything)?
7. If you could change something in your current life situation what would that be?
8. What would you say is your fetish (even a silly one will do, like.. say, cereal bowls)?
9. Would you rather be happy or right?
10. If we'd go to a cafe what would you most likely have (to drink and eat)?
11. Have you ever kept a diary (other that blog), when, for how long etc?

If you take part in this meme let me know in the comments! You can also answer the questions in the comments box if you don't have a blog/ don't want this there, but you still love answering questions. :) I mean,if there still is someone here lurking. ;)

16 September 2012

Trashion - soon!

TRASHION! Coming soon. from OutsaPop Trashion on Vimeo.
Trashion is about finding your own style. It´s about being inspired by others and using that to create your own fashion. Reuse recycle - DIY fashion.

Trashion! book coming out October 2012.


19 June 2012

Trashion book photoshoot teasers

Oh yeaaaah! I'm gonna tease you so much that you need to go HERE to see some good stuff from the OutsaPop DIY fashion book photoshoot! Enjoy! The pics are originals - nothing edited yet.

Ps. I'm getting a haircut tomorrow morning. ;)

18 June 2012

Backstage glamour

Yeah, this is about how glamorous it is at the backstage of an editorial fashion photoshoot. ;) Notice the empty pizza boxes at the left...

Spot me there at the sphere of light :D

(c) Syrena 2012

I stole the pic from Syrena's blog. There's more backstage material from the shoot as well!! Go check it out. Also, it is a brand new blog! :)

Guess what?

Maybe two days ago I was about to announce ya'll that my modelling days were over and this blog would quiet down. Yesterday I nearly died my overgrown bush of hair pink cos I was bored and thought I didn't have to care, cos I'm not a model anymore and so nobody cares what colour my hair is.

Later yesterday, however, I got a FB message from my agency (!) saying: "Photoshoot tomorrow morning in Helsinki, would you be interested?". I yawned, shrugged, said "bleh" in my head but still asked for more info. Turned out the shoot would be for the queen of trashionistas, the one and only (I have no idea if I'm exaggerating, just that as a DIY-wannabe this was pretty neat) OutsaPop. And not just that. She's shooting for her upcoming book. So even though I've been feeling like retiring lately, I knew I had to do this.

And I'm happy I did! Being around creative people seems to give me energy. And especially the kind of energy I most desperately need right now. Also everybody was super nice and fun to be around. ^^ Also, you can't go wrong with having drinks together after the shoot is done. :D

Wish I'd have some pics here for you, but since I suck at taking photos anywhere anytime, I don't. So you'll have to wait... Maybe I'll have a teaser soon. ;)

Ps. Oh yeah, lucky I didn't dye my hair just yet! :D I totally need a haircut though... I was recommended to go Tilda Swinton again. We'll see about that.

3 May 2012

More talk, less action

Hello people. I'm bored and my Formspring is almost forgotten.. sooooo, ASK ASK ASK! :D

Also a little update on my previous post: I'm not doing the fashion show after all. :( That kinda sucks but I understand they want all the girls to be relatively the same size. However, something good came out of the almost-in-the-show -situation: I might become a hair model later this Spring/Summer. :) I hope not terribly much later, cos my hair is a little outgrown already. Also I was suggested to apply for Azzurro modelling agency, which is pretty much the best for my kind of models in Finland. I'm not sure about that yet though. I'm not sure if I'm that into modeling any more. O.O And since I am now officially unemplyed, modelling gigs might create some piles of paperwork for the unemployment office etc. I know, that's a stupid reason.. but.. well, I think too much sometimes. :D

And hey, we're doing a photoshoot on Sunday with Emilia after a looooong time. :) Also another shoot planned for the end of next week. So we'll see if I can even model anymore. :D But that means I'll be able to post pics soon as well instead of just talking!

18 April 2012

Jodie goes sporty?

Hey guess what I just realised. I don't have any sporty or fitness type of pics on my port! I should definitely have some. I'd love to jump or dance or otherwise have big movement in the pics. And of course bright colours and smiley faces, right? ;)

Now who would like to do that kind of a shoot with me...?!

I came to this realisation as I was thinking whether I should take part in a fitness model competition (decided against it.. or did I?) and as I took my measurements for a fashion show I'm doing next month and I had gotten larger O.O (OMG!!) and decided that must be muscle. u____u Anyhow, my waist was the same it has been before, only my butt had gotten wider and weirdly also my chest. O.o And it definately ain't the boobs. :D Oh well, nothing else this time, just thinking out loud. :)

Oh and also, I'm already bored with my hair... -.- I guess it's waaaaaay too normal for me. I have NO idea what to do with it next though. Might be cool to volunteer as a hair model for someone creative. :D (Ideas? Suggestions?)

In a nutshell:
  • Wanna do some sporty shoots, who's in???
  • A fashion show coming up, the first time ever on a real runway, I'm freaking out! All the other models are ten years younger than me and have catwalk experience. WhattheheckamIdoingthere?!
  • Need new hair soon. How, where, what...?
...also, what do you think, should I apply for the competition?

4 April 2012

On stage with the band

Not exactly a modelling job, but something of the kind. :) The other ladies on the stage are two of my dearest friends.

25 March 2012

GPOY Day + Night

I made a little makeover with my hair. I just needed to cut it so bad. This time I decided I needed to see a professional instead of a friend - off to hairdresser's I went! I felt it might be a good idea to post a pic to show my new hair. :) Also, I remember some of you some time ago was interested in seeing a pic of me on an average day.. to see how I really look like. :D Here are two pics. The other one with my normal everyday look, the second with a party makeup (without the red red lipstick I added later). I wear different kinds of makeups for parties, this time I wanted to keep it simple and minimalist (to show off those red lips!).

On the day version I got a hint of lipstick and some lip gloss. Also I've drawn my eyebrows. No foundation, just a little concealer on the undereye area. :D That's pretty much all I do on a normal day. The day version of me is also shot on the sunlight, whereas the night version is obviously not... :D

Oh and I absolutely love the short hair! I can do so many looks with it even though it's so short. :) Actually this hair style reminds me of the hair used to have as a teenager. Maybe this is a little longer though. I'm thinking of maybe going even shorter in the summer if it still feels like a good idea. We'll see.

I haven't done any photoshoots lately. I had a super stressfull job and I felt like I couldn't think anything else besides it while working there. I ended up quitting that p-o-s job and feel happy again (and I might even have energy to think about modelling again). I fact, I'm doing my first real runway show on May. Hopefully some photoshoots as well asap! :)

26 February 2012

Make up shoot

I had make up done for me by Elina. Photos by Markus Lehto. The hair I did myself. Ugh, I need a haircut so bad. It's so difficult to handle as it is. Elina did a great job with my face thou. ^^ We'll probably (hopefully) do stuff together again some time.

(c) Markus Lehto 2012
We did a pink make up and a black make up. The eyes had some golden liner on them too.

(c) Markus Lehto 2012

(c) Markus Lehto 2012

I want to do more beauty shoots with experimental make up. :) It's always a new twist with a new MUA and their make up and vision.

13 February 2012

For sale - on sale!

Nearly one year ago I made this post about a print on aluminium that is for sale. Well it's yet to be unsold and now it's on sale. :D

Go ahead, make an offer!


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