25 March 2012

GPOY Day + Night

I made a little makeover with my hair. I just needed to cut it so bad. This time I decided I needed to see a professional instead of a friend - off to hairdresser's I went! I felt it might be a good idea to post a pic to show my new hair. :) Also, I remember some of you some time ago was interested in seeing a pic of me on an average day.. to see how I really look like. :D Here are two pics. The other one with my normal everyday look, the second with a party makeup (without the red red lipstick I added later). I wear different kinds of makeups for parties, this time I wanted to keep it simple and minimalist (to show off those red lips!).

On the day version I got a hint of lipstick and some lip gloss. Also I've drawn my eyebrows. No foundation, just a little concealer on the undereye area. :D That's pretty much all I do on a normal day. The day version of me is also shot on the sunlight, whereas the night version is obviously not... :D

Oh and I absolutely love the short hair! I can do so many looks with it even though it's so short. :) Actually this hair style reminds me of the hair used to have as a teenager. Maybe this is a little longer though. I'm thinking of maybe going even shorter in the summer if it still feels like a good idea. We'll see.

I haven't done any photoshoots lately. I had a super stressfull job and I felt like I couldn't think anything else besides it while working there. I ended up quitting that p-o-s job and feel happy again (and I might even have energy to think about modelling again). I fact, I'm doing my first real runway show on May. Hopefully some photoshoots as well asap! :)

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