20 September 2010

I got an Award! ^^

This is what I got from the cutest grrl ever:

And this here is her blog. Crimi  writes in Finnish though, so if someone happens not to understand the language.. well.. luckily there are lots of pics there. :)

Okay, this award also involves telling 7 random facts/secrets about oneself. And giving it forward to 7 people. The magic number seven.. a theme here. I'm not sure if I even know that many bloggers, but I'll do my best. :)

Okay, the random seven about my modelling stuff -since this a themed blog, I thought I might just as well stick to it (and I did, almost!). :)

1. Before a photoshoot I used to refrain from eating anything fatty, so that my skin would saty in good condition. Well, I've totally stopped doing this. O.O

2. I think I secretly wanted to be a model on the runway as a teenager even though I told everybody how much I'd hate that and how commercial the whole industry was and how I'd never want to be part of that.

3. As a teenager I was in Brighton on a language course and a woman stopped me on the street asking me for my height, weight, age etc. She was from London-based modelling agency and was curious wether I lived in England.. I of course, at the age of 18 and feeling like I looked like crap especially that day, laughed about the incident (also, see number 2). But I believe, on some level, this very event planted the idea about me being a model inside me and made me work towards it unconciously. (I mean, my that time favourite model Kate Moss was short for a model and found at an airport -looking like crap!)

4. Sometimes, I feel like crap because of modelling and the competition and pressure it sets. Even though I probably know nothing of those since I don't reeeeallly work as a model. But still, sometimes this just gets to me.  I would reeaally wanna look like the ladies on the magazines and reeeeaally high fashion and editorial, but I guess I just have to face it: I'm more of the alternative kind/ I suit best for beauty, nude, girl next door etc. :(

5. I've done BA on English Philology at the University. Now, however, I study European Ethnology at the Uni and I'm just starting my MA. (My BA on Ethnology got the best grade possible and was awarded with a prize. So there you have it with stupid models! Ha!)

6. I do love attention. I'm a bit of an attention whore really. :) I'm scared of being on stage but I'd love to do runway shows and such and be a lecturer at the university. :D

7. I started this blog, not because of what I said in the 6, but because.. naaaaaah, who am I kidding! ;D I wanted to show more pitures to more people and make myself known to the entire WOOOOORRRLD! And then I'm taking over the entire universe. :)

(8. I use a lot of sarcasm.)

And the award goes tooooooo

All my lovely Follower -ladies^^ that is:

Paljasjaloin -lovely to find you here too!^^
Diva Desido - WOW. Just... wow!
Northern Vision - this girl's got some attitude. In a good way! :D

I'd also love to send this back to Crimi, but I think that's not aproppriate, so I won't. O.o I also would love to send this to my other follower-ladies, since they're awesomely (?) beautiful too, but since you guys don't blog... wellll, you better know you've reseived this award in my book anyway!

5 September 2010

More Simonetta

When shooting Simonetta, we did other things than just this one picture. Here are some of them. For once and perhaps the first time I feel like I actualy look like a real model. :) I've had a bit of a crisis with myself lately, hearing Tya Banks on ANTM saying to me on judging "This beeeeeautiful girl I see in front of me. Is she just a pretty girl, or is there that high fashion edge to her" or "When she's standing in front of me, I see a beeeeautiful girl, but the judges are still wondering does that translate into the pictures, is she photogenig enough to make it in the fashion industry" and so on. Hm. Perhaps I've watched too much America's Next Top Model.

Anyway, here are some fames from the Simonetta shoot with Emilia.

And now that I'm putting them here, a little vote, which one do you think is the best? Which should go to my portfolio?

And is it just me, or do I resemble just a tiny bit Natalie Portman in the last one? :D

3 September 2010

Secret Meeting X

We've planned this shoot for long. It took really short time to shoot it when we finally managed to get together and do it. This is from the Secret Meeting series that sami has done. This though is perhaps the brightest and even one of the happiest stories among those. Not sure, however, cos I haven't seen all of them. And you can always "read" this any ways you like.. ;)

By the way: Do the locations look familiar? Some of you might recognize the places.. ;)

1 September 2010

One more time in the woods this summer

And more hideous bugs that ate my feet and so on. But leaving that aside, I had a great shoot in Porvoo with Nadi Hammouda. A very nice guy with whom shooting was FUN. :) I didn't have to be scared of  making too many jokes and making the photographer annoyed! x) Hahaa! Okay, his idea of a photoshoot seems to be to create something that hasn't been done before with the model. Which is great. We tried for instance smiling/laughing -which I've never done before- and movement in the shots. The movement-part was a success:), smiling not so much (cos I think my cheecks look like tits when I smile xD!).. ;)

 Here a little darker one. This is something I don't recall having in my port either: dark, heavy shadows.

And then a little brighter pic.. at least when it comes to colours. What do you say about my expression? Annoyed much? :D


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