1 September 2010

One more time in the woods this summer

And more hideous bugs that ate my feet and so on. But leaving that aside, I had a great shoot in Porvoo with Nadi Hammouda. A very nice guy with whom shooting was FUN. :) I didn't have to be scared of  making too many jokes and making the photographer annoyed! x) Hahaa! Okay, his idea of a photoshoot seems to be to create something that hasn't been done before with the model. Which is great. We tried for instance smiling/laughing -which I've never done before- and movement in the shots. The movement-part was a success:), smiling not so much (cos I think my cheecks look like tits when I smile xD!).. ;)

 Here a little darker one. This is something I don't recall having in my port either: dark, heavy shadows.

And then a little brighter pic.. at least when it comes to colours. What do you say about my expression? Annoyed much? :D

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