26 April 2011


Hey I made myself a Formspring account. :D Here you can ask me questions. The same should work on the sidebar there on the right --------------------------------->

but I can never be too sure about these things. :D Well, if the Formspring doesn't work as I hope it will, I'll just take it off.

In the meantime, pleeeeease, ask me something so that I see how this thingy functions.

Formspring may be common in USA and other places but I guess it's not yet in Finland. Hmmm, at least not that I know of. Maybe some teenagers use it. :D But hey, I'm a wannabe teenager, so.. ;)


New pic from the latest photoshoot with Sami. :)

(c) Sami Saarenpää 2011

23 April 2011

Oh so sweet!

Last weekend I had an extempore-shoot with Emilia Kallinen. We drove to Ruissalo again, but hey, why not, there are plenty of picturesque places there.

We however started at my place fitting clothes and me doing my makeup. I felt it was a bit "done in a hurry" -kind, but appears ok in the pics.

(c) Emilia Kallinen 2011, make up by me

(c) Emilia Kallinen 2011
Then off to the sunny Ruissalo!
We were in this cafe where there were people eating lunch and having coffee. Yikes! Turned out to be fine though and not as scary as you'd imagine shooting in a crowded place to be. :)

(c) Emilia Kallinen 2011
 The curtains and the wallpaper matched my outfit. And check out that corgeous umbrella!

(c) Emilia Kallinen 2011
Yet another "my day as a princess" complete with Emilia. ^^

6 April 2011

Recent frames..

This one is by Hannu Mäkelä from our recent shoot in Loimaa. The place we shot in was amazing - at least for me it was totally inspiring. It was an old factory, if I'm correct, and the room we got for shooting was filled with antique artefacts and furniture. I love old things, and since the inspiration for the shoot was the 60s(ish) it was the most perfect place. Also we had beeeeautiful sunny day that day and the sun was shining to the room and especially to the corridor next to it. The corridor had a really oldies feel to it in all its clinical cleanliness.

(c) Hannu Mäkelä


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