18 September 2012

Liebster Award

Ha, some life to this blog then. I got awarded by Anne from the Pumping Penguin by the Liebster Award. Thank you! ^^ Aaand since tonight I'm bored and not sleepy, I might follow these rules even though I'm not so sure if it has anything to do with this blog. And I' ll just skip the step 3 of the rules. Anyone can copy this and share on their blog. :)

Rules of Liebster Award:
1. The person nominated must share 11 facts about themselves.
2. The person nominated must answer the questions the tagger
( the person who nominated them) set for them.
3. The person nominated must choose 11 people to tag (nominate)
and create 11 questions for them to answer.
Then they must go to their pages and let them know they were nominated!
There are no tag backs!

11 Random Facts about me (eek!)

1. I get sore neck/upper back soooo easily and it makes me dizzy (right now). Usually stress related.
2. I stress a lot. It must be genetic.
3. I'm weirded out by my lack of ethusiasm for modelling.
4. I'm watching America's Next Top Model and Finland's NTM just to make sure...
5. No, seriously, I watch them cos I fucking love reality tv.
6. I graduated from the University this Spring with MA.
7. Now I'm unemployed.
8. I'm even more weirded out by my lack of enthusiasm for modelling cause I have absolutely nothing to do in my life.
9. ...although I do have a boyfriend, which is somewhat time consuming.
10. I just visited Lisbon and loved it. Especially the people there!
11. I was just thinking maybe I could possibly even think about doing an outdoors nude shoot now that it's getting chilly again and it would be most uncomfortable for everyone.

11 Answers for Anne's questions 
(I'm translating the questions here as well to maintain coherency)

1. Your favourite memory from the Summer
- Oooh, had to chech my calendar to see what was going on. I've been quite down, but there have been lots of wonderful and awesome moments with my best of the best friends and my bf. Going to the beach, eating out, friend's bachelorette party I organized.. oh, my graduation with fancy dinner, visiting my home town with my bf. Yeah, I guess it was a good summer after all.

2. Theme song for the Autumn
- Must be something by Iiris. I saw her at Ilosaarirock and fell in love.

3. Tips for getting sleep at night
- I usually do fall asleep quite easily. If I don't I'll just get out of the bed to do something completely different like leaf through old photo books or something. Out of bed, freshen up the room, drink some water, go to bed when tired. Also if I know I reallu need t get some sleep I take a pill or two of Valeriana root extract (called Unihiekka). Always works for me.

4. Your totem animal
- Gosh. A hedgehog probably. Or a frog. But probably the hedgehog. They are spiky on the outside but quite cuddly anyways. :D

5. Which instrument would you like to learn to play?
- The cello

6. Where do you spend most of your time?
- This is easy: at home. (And it sucks.)

7. When was the last time you blushed?
- I do not remember. I'm not sure if I'm a blusher.. hmm.. might have been this summer, but the reason is totally cencored.

8. Your fave city and why?
- From the places visited so far: Barcelona. Went there a year ago and the minute the plane landed I felt a strong sensation of  "I love this place" and "wow".

9. Who would you like to be (other that yourself)?
- Aaaagh.. someone who knows exactly what they want in life and then just do it. Maybe a housewife in California or something. :D

10. What was the last book you've read/ what are you reading now?
- Aaaargh, hate to answer this just now,cos I managed to finish the hideously boring 50 Shades and haven't yet started on a new book, which btw will be  Caitlin Moran's How to Be a Woman. :)

11. What exciting are you planning to do within the next 6 moths or so?
- Um... I sure hope something exciting will come up. Maybe join a gym if I can afford it.

11 Questions for you
1. What was your favourite toy as a kid?
2. What are your fave shoes right now?
3. If you could try and do anything -anything- what would that be?
4. How did your 15-year old self imagine you at you present age? Did that come true?
5. What are your plans or goals for the upcoming 5 years?
6. If you could change something from your past, what would that be (if anything)?
7. If you could change something in your current life situation what would that be?
8. What would you say is your fetish (even a silly one will do, like.. say, cereal bowls)?
9. Would you rather be happy or right?
10. If we'd go to a cafe what would you most likely have (to drink and eat)?
11. Have you ever kept a diary (other that blog), when, for how long etc?

If you take part in this meme let me know in the comments! You can also answer the questions in the comments box if you don't have a blog/ don't want this there, but you still love answering questions. :) I mean,if there still is someone here lurking. ;)

16 September 2012

Trashion - soon!

TRASHION! Coming soon. from OutsaPop Trashion on Vimeo.
Trashion is about finding your own style. It´s about being inspired by others and using that to create your own fashion. Reuse recycle - DIY fashion.

Trashion! book coming out October 2012.



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