26 February 2012

Make up shoot

I had make up done for me by Elina. Photos by Markus Lehto. The hair I did myself. Ugh, I need a haircut so bad. It's so difficult to handle as it is. Elina did a great job with my face thou. ^^ We'll probably (hopefully) do stuff together again some time.

(c) Markus Lehto 2012
We did a pink make up and a black make up. The eyes had some golden liner on them too.

(c) Markus Lehto 2012

(c) Markus Lehto 2012

I want to do more beauty shoots with experimental make up. :) It's always a new twist with a new MUA and their make up and vision.

13 February 2012

For sale - on sale!

Nearly one year ago I made this post about a print on aluminium that is for sale. Well it's yet to be unsold and now it's on sale. :D

Go ahead, make an offer!


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