3 September 2010

Secret Meeting X

We've planned this shoot for long. It took really short time to shoot it when we finally managed to get together and do it. This is from the Secret Meeting series that sami has done. This though is perhaps the brightest and even one of the happiest stories among those. Not sure, however, cos I haven't seen all of them. And you can always "read" this any ways you like.. ;)

By the way: Do the locations look familiar? Some of you might recognize the places.. ;)


  1. I like the story. It's nice how you can make your own interpretations.. and it's interesting because we only see you and even then we cannot see your face :) Have you made a story like this before, cause I remember that I've seen a similar one before?

  2. Nope, haven't. But Sami has done at least 9 more (since this is number X). :D So maybe you've seen some of those! :)

  3. Yeah, it must be one of those then :) Maybe in irc-galleria or somewhere..


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