20 September 2010

I got an Award! ^^

This is what I got from the cutest grrl ever:

And this here is her blog. Crimi  writes in Finnish though, so if someone happens not to understand the language.. well.. luckily there are lots of pics there. :)

Okay, this award also involves telling 7 random facts/secrets about oneself. And giving it forward to 7 people. The magic number seven.. a theme here. I'm not sure if I even know that many bloggers, but I'll do my best. :)

Okay, the random seven about my modelling stuff -since this a themed blog, I thought I might just as well stick to it (and I did, almost!). :)

1. Before a photoshoot I used to refrain from eating anything fatty, so that my skin would saty in good condition. Well, I've totally stopped doing this. O.O

2. I think I secretly wanted to be a model on the runway as a teenager even though I told everybody how much I'd hate that and how commercial the whole industry was and how I'd never want to be part of that.

3. As a teenager I was in Brighton on a language course and a woman stopped me on the street asking me for my height, weight, age etc. She was from London-based modelling agency and was curious wether I lived in England.. I of course, at the age of 18 and feeling like I looked like crap especially that day, laughed about the incident (also, see number 2). But I believe, on some level, this very event planted the idea about me being a model inside me and made me work towards it unconciously. (I mean, my that time favourite model Kate Moss was short for a model and found at an airport -looking like crap!)

4. Sometimes, I feel like crap because of modelling and the competition and pressure it sets. Even though I probably know nothing of those since I don't reeeeallly work as a model. But still, sometimes this just gets to me.  I would reeaally wanna look like the ladies on the magazines and reeeeaally high fashion and editorial, but I guess I just have to face it: I'm more of the alternative kind/ I suit best for beauty, nude, girl next door etc. :(

5. I've done BA on English Philology at the University. Now, however, I study European Ethnology at the Uni and I'm just starting my MA. (My BA on Ethnology got the best grade possible and was awarded with a prize. So there you have it with stupid models! Ha!)

6. I do love attention. I'm a bit of an attention whore really. :) I'm scared of being on stage but I'd love to do runway shows and such and be a lecturer at the university. :D

7. I started this blog, not because of what I said in the 6, but because.. naaaaaah, who am I kidding! ;D I wanted to show more pitures to more people and make myself known to the entire WOOOOORRRLD! And then I'm taking over the entire universe. :)

(8. I use a lot of sarcasm.)

And the award goes tooooooo

All my lovely Follower -ladies^^ that is:

Paljasjaloin -lovely to find you here too!^^
Diva Desido - WOW. Just... wow!
Northern Vision - this girl's got some attitude. In a good way! :D

I'd also love to send this back to Crimi, but I think that's not aproppriate, so I won't. O.o I also would love to send this to my other follower-ladies, since they're awesomely (?) beautiful too, but since you guys don't blog... wellll, you better know you've reseived this award in my book anyway!


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