18 April 2012

Jodie goes sporty?

Hey guess what I just realised. I don't have any sporty or fitness type of pics on my port! I should definitely have some. I'd love to jump or dance or otherwise have big movement in the pics. And of course bright colours and smiley faces, right? ;)

Now who would like to do that kind of a shoot with me...?!

I came to this realisation as I was thinking whether I should take part in a fitness model competition (decided against it.. or did I?) and as I took my measurements for a fashion show I'm doing next month and I had gotten larger O.O (OMG!!) and decided that must be muscle. u____u Anyhow, my waist was the same it has been before, only my butt had gotten wider and weirdly also my chest. O.o And it definately ain't the boobs. :D Oh well, nothing else this time, just thinking out loud. :)

Oh and also, I'm already bored with my hair... -.- I guess it's waaaaaay too normal for me. I have NO idea what to do with it next though. Might be cool to volunteer as a hair model for someone creative. :D (Ideas? Suggestions?)

In a nutshell:
  • Wanna do some sporty shoots, who's in???
  • A fashion show coming up, the first time ever on a real runway, I'm freaking out! All the other models are ten years younger than me and have catwalk experience. WhattheheckamIdoingthere?!
  • Need new hair soon. How, where, what...?
...also, what do you think, should I apply for the competition?


  1. Hey Jodie!

    I represent totalRestyle.com

    We'd love to sponsor your new haircut. :) Get in touch with us at: http://totalrestyle.com/contact

    ...and we'll get some ideas going for you.

  2. Blogissani on jotain sinulle kuuluvaa, käyhän katsomassa ^^


    Unohdin muuten vastata vastaukseesi. Mutta lyhyesti: kiitos todella paljon. Enköhän minä tuolta jotain vinkkejä saa poimittua.



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