18 June 2012

Guess what?

Maybe two days ago I was about to announce ya'll that my modelling days were over and this blog would quiet down. Yesterday I nearly died my overgrown bush of hair pink cos I was bored and thought I didn't have to care, cos I'm not a model anymore and so nobody cares what colour my hair is.

Later yesterday, however, I got a FB message from my agency (!) saying: "Photoshoot tomorrow morning in Helsinki, would you be interested?". I yawned, shrugged, said "bleh" in my head but still asked for more info. Turned out the shoot would be for the queen of trashionistas, the one and only (I have no idea if I'm exaggerating, just that as a DIY-wannabe this was pretty neat) OutsaPop. And not just that. She's shooting for her upcoming book. So even though I've been feeling like retiring lately, I knew I had to do this.

And I'm happy I did! Being around creative people seems to give me energy. And especially the kind of energy I most desperately need right now. Also everybody was super nice and fun to be around. ^^ Also, you can't go wrong with having drinks together after the shoot is done. :D

Wish I'd have some pics here for you, but since I suck at taking photos anywhere anytime, I don't. So you'll have to wait... Maybe I'll have a teaser soon. ;)

Ps. Oh yeah, lucky I didn't dye my hair just yet! :D I totally need a haircut though... I was recommended to go Tilda Swinton again. We'll see about that.


  1. I don't know how long your hair is right now, but your style is definitely long front hair (don't shorter it at all...) and really short sides.. little bit red/pink with your blond hair, it will look like it should be ; )
    Full mohawk ? ; )

  2. Yeaaaah, that would be the Tilda Swinton -look I meantioned.

    But I dunnoooo.. cos I had that for like a year or so. O.O

  3. Not exactly. But i will wait and see ; )


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