25 February 2010

The First of the Week

Yesterday we did a shoot with Sami. It felt like I havent't shot with him for ages! So, it was a relaxed and fun shoot. ^^ Here's a little of what we came up with.. We did, I think you could say four different concepts during the shoot! This hippie-style was one of them. And even though this outfit was sith vibrant beautiful colours I prefer this b&w for some reason. O.o But I'll post some coloured ones as well later, I promise.

I've wanted to do a shoot with this look ever since I did my first shoot ever. I used to wear the headscarf a lot way back when. However, my style is not that much of a hippie anymore and I just don't have the balls to wear a scarf anymore. Even though it's so lovely and easy and I think looks good on me. O.o These clothes are my old ones too. I'm taking them to a thrift store now, but I really used wear for exapmple that shirt!! :D Okay, those trousers are my godmother's old and I wear them at home.. and I'm not sure if I want to get rid of that top either.. O.o too many memories and and.. I get attached to my clothes dammit!! Aaaand here I go again chatting about something totally unrelated to modelling. xD Sorry!! (But that's just how I am. Ó.ò)
Another style we tried was the sugared lips that I've seen many times before. Still, it was fun to do and looks kinda cool! :D

Oh oh, and one more thing about the headscarf! Once a hairdresser told me I have a beautiful neck! :D That was when I had a normal sort of hair and I was getting it done for my "prom" during highschool. But yeah, this look also shows my faaaaabulous neck. ;D Heeheee. (And I sure hope you can locate irony in a text.)

Oh yeaaah, and you can perhaps spot a part of my latest tattoo on that hippie-pic. :)


  1. I really do love scarves on you! They look really good :) ...maybe summer will bring them back to you..? (I really need a hot summer after this long and miserable winter!)

  2. I seriously MUST HAVE a hot hot sjuuuuuper hot summer after all this darkness and endless snow!!!!

    And yeah... maybe the scarves will make a comeback. Not in orange though. Ò.o


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