2 March 2010

Winter and sleet

Okayyy, I went to Helsinki last weekend to meet friends and go thrifth store shopping and do photoshoots! This shoot I did on Sunday with Marko Saari. This was our first collaboration and it worked out well! :) We had my friend as an assistant and a guide to the deepest darkest forrests of an unnamed suburb of Helsinki. The weather was okay when we headed for the forrest, but as we got closer it started raining (or should I say sleeting??) something between water and snow. The wind was pretty nasty too. We decided to stay outdoors anyway and shoot until it got too cold. Just to inform you, I'm cold almost all the time, I freeze when everyone else is comfortable, and when I'm comfy everyone else is sweating. So yeah, outdoors shooting in the winter is just up my street! I remember last winter I swore never to shoot outdoors again.. and I swear again not to. O.O However, I managed to hide my freezing at least in some of the shots and be all professional. u___u And yeah, it was also lots of fun! In the second pic for instance I'm really standing in the snow up to my knees. :D It was pretty interesting to get off of the paths.. reminded me of my childhood playing in the snow.

Here are some of my faves from the shoot.

We're also planning to shoot at the same location again in the summer. Now we weren't able to get into the coolest places because of the enormous amounts of snow.

I did another shoot in HKI too, but will post about it later when I get the pics^^!

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