8 March 2010

More of the hippie-Jodie

I just got more pics from the hippie shoot (haa haa, sounds like I was shooting hippies as bang bang with a gun. Theehee.. yea.) and wanted to share some of them here^^! I'm quite happy with these.

..especially the last one. My personal fave. And looking at the pic above, it seems I have gained some muscle on my biceb. All the training done in the autumn didn't go to waste. I wish I had more time to work out now as well.

Oh and this blog has reached over thousand visitors!! :D Whopiiiii yeeeeaaaah! In only a little over a mont! Thank you for visiting^^!!

Oh and one more thing.. I'll be posting these hippie-pics in color soon. :D (I'm just too anxious to post right away what I get. Haahaa!)


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