4 February 2010

The beginning. For real this time.

Yep, now I think this is more reader-friendly. I even added a couple pictures. I'll make a list of links later to the photographers' pages and so on. But hey, this is all for today. Sorry for such a short and information-free post, but I'm too tired now. :D Only just was able to adjust the colors..

But, see you later!

Oh and in the meantime, you could log in as a Follower! :D It's not too difficult really.


  1. Aawesooome! I'm so excited to follow you blog! Nowadays I so rarely check my irc-galleria account (and I've been thinking I need to get rid of it..) and get to see pics from your new shoots that it'll be really cool to see all the future ones here :) Yay!
    I like the colours of the blog!

  2. Grrrreat to have you here! ^^

  3. OH and the backgrounf was originally pinkish purple..ish. But it was too dark. So, this is the next best thing. :D I didn't wanna go for anything too cute and lälly. :D This pinkish orange will do. u_____u Just need a header now..


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