22 April 2010

Babble, babble

A while ago I did a test shoot with Michael Schultes, a German photographer who was visiting Finland due to work related matters (gosh, aren't I sounding formal!). This is one of the pics I've got since. He's really busy at the moment, so I'll probably get some more pics later. :)

As I think I've mentioned, I got some shoots planned, but I've been busy with my studies and work and managing them both. This is the time of year when everything piles up at the university studying world.. Although, I started feeling like I'm stressed for nothing, since people around me seem to have tons more studying stuff than I do. Oh well. My indian (or should I say native American?) name is probabaly Stresses-a-lot or something. However, I managed to finally pull together my BA!!! ^^ And as for my other studies, I only have one paper to finnish and that'll be it for this Spring! I also ralised while filling in the application form for the BA degree, that I have enough completed courses to fill my MA! :D How cool is that. All I need to do now is the last courses in my major and do the (feared) thesis. Hmm. Now I ended up babbling about something toooootally irrelevant to my modelling. :D Although, I could link this to modelling in the sense that this affects how much I'm able to do it right now.

Aaaaanyway: here's a pic by Michael Schultes.


  1. Nice work Jodie!!!!

    Great makeup!

  2. Thank you! Even though I, being all self critical, think I've done better than this. :D

    But actually the make up was something I was supposed to write about also. Michael asked me had I really done it all by myself (which I took as a compliment:D!). Also previously I've been thanked for doing a clean (not smudgy) make up that doesn't need retouching with ps. :)

  3. "Stresses-a-lot" :D I feel you.


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