14 April 2010

Cute n pink!

Wheeeee, I got the pics now from February's shoot with Ilari Nurmi. :)

Aren't I cute or what? x) We were meant to do something different and went for the pink theme.

This shoot was different in that too, that this was the first time ever(?) I didn't really get any direction from the photographer. :) It was kinda cool for a change. I said about this to him and he told me he thought I had a good flow going on there with my posing so he reckoned I didn't need any help. ^^

(I think about this pic below Tyra in ANTM would say: "You're modelling from head to toe" ;) cos I think I pretty much am!)

Here, below, you can see my tats pretty well.

It was fun shooting with Ilari and there's gonna be a reunion in the summer maybe.. or at some point anyway! It's always more fruitful to do a shoot with someone whose ways you already know.. and who knows mine. :D

One more pic I have to add.. I'm not sure whether I love this or not. There's the pinky, but then there are some other things that I'm not quite as fond of. For instance, I totally should've leaned forward a bit so I'd look less stomachy and shortlegged. What do you think?! :) Keep it or loose it? Feedback please!


  1. toi vika kuva on kyl kiva, sun ilme on jotenkin hauska... siit ehkä huokuu sellanen "lapsenomaisuus" tai semmonen, mutta hyvällä malleilumaisella tavalla. että ihan kun se kuva ois otettu ilman, et tiesit siitä, mutta kuitenkin näyttää suunnitellulta. että semmosta :D ei mulla muuta.

  2. Mut mun jalat näyttää lyhyiltä ja maha leveeltä. O.o :P

  3. Hey, I'm curiously following your blog.I love your looks, the edge and ability to look sweet apart from all the spicy tattoos, dreadlocks, piercings. Well... feedback, to my eye this photo is not too good.The body looks kinda "twisted", perspective makes legs seem uneven length, and your left hand as a visual shape- a bit disturbing. And you are right about the belly too.I hope I was not too harsh. I would be happy to work with you some time...since we both live in Turku :)

  4. Emi, you're not being too harsh, that's exactly what I was thinking too. So thank you for your honesty.

    And hey, when it comes to working together, it's probably easiest to contact me through MM (if you're there) or/and I could check your port if you got one on the ineternet..?!?

  5. as soon as I get my PF on MM I will contact you :)


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