7 April 2010

A Bit of Oldies Again

I'm waiting for a couple of photographers to retouch some pics and so I got nothing new to post atm. However, since I have photos from year 2006 onwards, I can always post old ones that are new to you guys! :D Whohoo!

This is by Markus Lehto and in fact it ain't that old. We did this shoot in January this year. The location is the backstage of Klubi here in Turku. I love the writings on the wall!

This was the first shoot in a year with Markus. It was pretty unbelievable, since we used to work together a LOT back in the day. It's also awesome to see how we both have developed with our skills.

Oh, and it seems that everyone prefers the first one of the two pics in my last post. :D

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