23 November 2011

My dream photoshoot?

I got a question from the photographer Markus. :) He writes:
Not really sure if you have covered this already, but what if you shared us a thought or two on subject: "My dream shoot"? So, what would a photo shoot be like if you was the mastermind? You can give some general ideas ("I would like to be shot in space" ;)) or some very detailed stuff (describing everything from the location to make up and all the things in between). I'm in impression most of the corgeous settings and ideas implemented in your photos are works of the photographers' twisted minds. I might be wrong, though... :)
I actually answered this some time ago also on Formspring! Here's what I said:
A well known skilled photographer, super skilled make up artist and hair stylist and wardrobe assistant and all that. Plus I'd get paid. Plus the pics were for some rad magazine. I'd have the most amazing look and the photographer was an awesome person and we'd get along super well and the pics would end up being just ah-ma-zing! :D Yeah.. something according to those lines. :)
The photos could be for some awesome magazine or/and for some awesome campaign. A little couture or editorial. Nothing too boring or straightforward commercial.

Hmm, is that too boring and too vague? Isn't that what every model wishes for? :D Also, I'd love to try underwater modelling, since water has always been sort of my element (as a kid I was dreaming of being a mermaid, and loved to dive deep into the green lake, it was soooo beautiful). I know it would be challenging and I might suck at it, but still, I'd love to try. :D

Ohmigoosh, there must be gazillions of things I'd love to do or at least try! :)

And yes, most of the ideas on my photos are those of the photographers'. Usually the "idea" behind the shoot is  a location and outfit and that's it. I guess it's sort of my job to deliver the rest. :D

These pics are from our recent photoshoot with Marko Saari in Tikkurila.

(c) Marko Saari 2011

(c) Marko Saari 2011

(c) Marko Saari 2011

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