22 November 2011

Things you can do with a sweater

On an earlier post I asked you to give me suggestions on topics what to write and to ask me questions on Formspring. Thanks to those who did! :) Lately I've been on a less of a chatty mood and I've been slow answering on Formspring and haven't reacted to questions here either. :P Sorry! I will get back to those as soon as I get a chance.

Here are again couple of pics from our shoot with Marko Saari. The shirt and the sweater are my friend Liisa's (who gueststars on the making of pic below). The previous ones from the same photoshoot here.

(c) Marko Saari 2011

(c) Marko Saari 2011
 And this is where the magic happens.. :D making of -picture.

(c) Marko Saari 2011, featuring Liisa Wiik who provided the clothes

By the way, check out Marko's Flickr portfolio!

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