13 November 2011

Three things + one

 Hey my darling Followers,

(Thing no 1) no one has asked me anything on Formspring for a long time! So please do so! :) There's a box there on the right just below the picture, where you can write your question.. theeeere. ->

The answer will show up on Formspring. So check it there. And plz, no more latex-related questions. :P

(c) Niko Rakkolainen 2011, styling&MUA Riikka Satama
(Thing Two) Also it is highly recommended (by yours truly of course;D) to leave comments here on the blog! I get a notification every time someone leaves a comment, so I won't miss the comments on older posts either.

(c) Niko Rakkolainen 2011, styling&MUA Riikka Satama

(Third thingy) I'd also be reeeeally happy if you gave me some hints on blogs that I could follow. Generally I'm interested in other models and photographers, stylists, MUAs etc modelling related stuff. I've recently added some new blogs I follow on the list at the bottom of the right side bar. :) Check them out - and share your favourite blogs with me! :)

(+1) If you have any ideas about what I should discuss here, feel free to share your ideas! :)

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  1. Not really sure if you have covered this already, but what if you shared us a thought or two on subject: "My dream shoot"? So, what would a photo shoot be like if you was the mastermind? You can give some general ideas ("I would like to be shot in space" ;)) or some very detailed stuff (describing everything from the location to make up and all the things in between). I'm in impression most of the corgeous settings and ideas implemented in your photos are works of the photographers' twisted minds. I might be wrong, though... :)


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