21 July 2011

What is your daily skincare and makeup routine?

(A question I got through Formspring and clicked share and didn't realise it would actually be like this on my blog, oh well, now that this is here, I'll keep it. Now you can also comment and ask further questions if you got any.)

I use eco cosmetics (MaryLou Bio, Madara, Vivisante, Lavera, Anne Lind...) and mineral make up (Lily Lolo, LaurEss ..) in all cases possible (as eye make up I still have "normal" cosmetics).

In the morning I rinse my face with water and apply either almond oil or some moisturiser - or nothing if my skin doesn't feel like it realy needs it.

Every day, whenever I go out of my door, I draw my eyebrows and cover under eye-area. Sometimes I also apply lipstick and lip gloss. Sometimes eyemake up: eye shadow, liner and waterproof mascara. In the wintertime when I'm pale as a vampire I may also use mineral foundation and blusher.

In the evening I remove my make up with either virgin coconut oil or almond oil, or other oil I happen to have, and cleanse my face with some cleansing foam (cos I love foams best and you can find some excellent foams in eco brands). I finish with either almod oil or moisturiser (same stuff as in the morning). Sometimes I apply only/also toner, but not always.

If I get blemishes I always have to do something nasty to them... not cool, I know. But then I rinse with hot water and apply lemon juice to disinfect. I never get any infections this way.

Sometimes I do a face scrub with either almond oil or some moisturiser and sea salt. This same combo I use for other parts of my body as well.

On my body I use some moisturiser nearly every time I shower.

I guess that's about it. Basically, I guess, my philosophy is: if my face doesn't feel like it needs it, don't use it! :D

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