29 July 2011

A little sneak peek

Yep. Before I get to posting actual photos, heres a little something for you. A test video by Nadi Hammouda from our photoshoot. And I was mortified doing this. x) Hehee, well, maybe that's exageration, but it was really scary doing a video instead of normal still pics. O.O I don't know why. I became totally self concious and suddenly didn't know how to model anymore! Oh well, I wanted to give it a go anyway - you need to challenge yourself. And in the end Nadi shot me and didn't tell me when. :D That worked out the best. Hehee. Anyway, this is just a test of what might a video look like.

I did 4 photoshoots in total during 3 days. I enjoyed them all. I'm surprised really, first for actually doing all of those shoots and not a one got cancelled, and second that all the photoshoots were fun and the photographers were cool dudes and we got along great (three of them were new for me, so). :)

So, lots of new pics SOON!


  1. Toi virne yhessä kohassa on tosi ihana! Ihanku Angelina Jolie tai vastaavaa (mun mielestä upea nainen). Olet kaunis<3

  2. x) Hihi, se on ihan mun perusilmeitä! Nadi sanoki kuvauksissa, et mun ilmeistä vois tehä ihan oman kansion. Tai no voi olla et se käytti sanaa 'irvistys' tai vastaava! xD

    Mä repesin ku näin et se oli jättäny sen tonne. xD

  3. This is a cool idea! Any chance you're going to do more videos where you speak so I can get a better idea of what your voice sounds like? (Maybe I should "formspring" that)! :)

  4. Of what my VOICE sounds??? O.o Wtf...

  5. But yeah, maybe more videos if we get together with nadi again. :) But I'll guarantee you, there will be no voice.

  6. No big deal.
    I read the blogs of 5 different models, and I'm just curious what they sound like. I have seen videos of 2 of them where they also speak, and I met one in person. That just leaves 2 that I haven't heard. But no big deal.
    Take care and keep up the good work!

  7. Oops! I just realized, I should have worded the question differently!
    #1... Any chance you're going to do more videos?
    #2... Will you speak in any of them?
    I hope that makes more sense.


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