21 August 2011

A little something to think about

I was going through some tumblr-blogs (or what the heck you're supposed to call them) and came across with this piece of text:

It scares me that some people believe that if one chooses to be naked on the internet (or engage in any kind of sex work), one forfeits any kind of privacy, personal space, respect, etc. As though being naked on the internet gives the entire world the open invitation to look at you, touch you, or make you feel uncomfortable.
Fuck you, fuck you…..andddddddd fuck you. (Source: Somos lobos, no ovejas, originally from here.)

I'm not going to make this another tumblr-kind of blog, but this text just hit me. Some time ago I had a conversation with a person about putting my pics on the internet and how I react to reactions by people who see them and comment on them. I think I can still be creeped out about comments or get sad or angry about what people on the internet, or otherways, say, even though I have made the decision to put pics of my (naked) body here. It does not justify everything even though I myself put myself in this situation and I don't need to feel bad even if I get upset or feel uncomfortable.

No one still has no right to make me feel uncomfortable, even though this blog is here and these pics exist.

Do I make any sense? :D

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