2 September 2011

Photoshoot in the woods

(c) Larso Johnson 2011

Remember I went to Helsinki a while back to do photoshoots? This was one of them. Went to Espoo to shoot with Lars Johnson.

(c) Lars Johnson 2011

Aaaand this is what came out of it. Feel the 80s? I think it's the combo of my hair, fish net and beads/pearls whatever they are:D. Oh by the way, thanks Jeve, for lending the pearls. :) (Lend, borrow..?)

(c) Lars Johnson 2011

Check out Lars's work here on his web site.

(c) Lars Johnson 2011

Tomorrow I'm heading to Tampere Fetish Factory to do another Latex by Tiina Rikala show. :) I've been trying to learn to use the rhythmic gymnastics ribbon lately.. ;) We'll see how that turns out in the show Circue du Decadence. Pics coming of course. Hopefully of the show as well.

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