23 September 2011

Purple latex

A couple of weeks ago we did a roadtrip in my friends' van to Tampere to do a latex show with Tiina Rikala in Tampere Fetish Factory -event. It was fun as always. :D Tiina often has her friends over to do the show and I must say she sure has a good taste in friends. :D I love meeting new people and having fun after the show at the party. Tiina's shows are also never (at least when I've been there) the usual kin of runway-shows, but involve a plot and some sort of storyline. This time we had a sircus theme going on with ringmaster leading the show, clown in a straitjacket on a wheelchair dancing with a more cheerful n' cute clown, lion tamer - who didn't manage to tame the lioness all that well - and a sexy burlesque finale. My role with another girl was to be some kind of a doll or circus princess (no brains lookin cute and waving a rhythmic gymnastics ribbon) :D hehee. I guess if it as possible we'd danced on a rope, but obviously not, so we had the ribbons instead. I wish I had pictures of the whole group, but I only got some of me taken in studio setting - and sadly without the awesome ribbon. :( Luckily I got to keep the ribbon. It's so much fun! :D

Yeah yeah, blaablaa, gimme the pics already! These are pretty much un-edited raw pics taken by the owner of the van and fellow model of the show, the lion tamer (the lion being his girlfriend), Sami Maanpää (his Flickr). Oh btw, he's also the dude that cuts my hair. :D A multitalent I guess (also a musician, here's his band!). x)

(c) Sami Maanpää 2011
We took these pics in a bit of a hurry. It's too bad we never have the proper time to do the photoshoot. It's always so hectic before the show: everybody getting dressed, doing hair and make up to themselves and to eachother.. I did my make up myself. Tiina gave me the huge eyelashes and attached some rhinestones to my temples. I love the dress. I love purple and the cut is so awesome!

(c) Sami Maanpää 2011


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