12 August 2011


One image, two different lihgts. Which do you like better? :)

(c) Nadi Hammouda 2011

(c) Nadi Hammouda 2011
 Do you like me to write more - or less? Or are pics enough for you? :D Do you prefer me as a blabbermouth or silent..? x)

Oh, and in case you wish to see these bigger, check Nadi's blog!


  1. Hi Jodie! I enjoy following your blog because of the pictures *and* your writings. :-)
    Your pictures are at times capturing, inspirational, sometimes even depressing ;-) -- but always beautiful! -- and texts help to feel the pictures even more. Overall, it's a lovely combination and I (as all your readers, I'm sure) am always looking forward to new posts in your blog.

    As for the question on which version of that picture is better, it's hard to say. The first one has a feeling of old, or even of a printed magazine; the second one has more contrast and generally looks better, even though in some areas (like the roof) the contrast is so high that the picture has the looks of a comic, and looks less natural. At the end, it's a very subjective opinion, but I slightly prefer the second one. :-)

  2. Hi ALberto! Nice of you to leave a comment. I know there are people whp are not on the list of the followers, so it's great to hear from you guys as well! :)

    And thank you for the kind words! ^^


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