16 August 2011


Oops, I totally thought that I'd posted pics by Teemu that we took on my last trip to Helsinki. But apparently I haven't. O.o Dearie me.

Anyways we did a test shoot and he tried out some lighting techniques and so on. Here are a couple of things that came out of it. :)

(c) Teemu 2011

(c) Teemu 2011

(c) Teemu 2011
Three quite different looks with the same make up and hair. Well, for me it's all about make-up and hair and outfit, since I don't know much about lights and such technicalities. :D

I already linked Teemu's flickr, here's his ModelMayhem page.


  1. The first pic is GORGEOUS! Wow.

  2. Kakkoskuva on ihan huikea. Silmän valaisu ja katsekontakti tossa on ihan käsittämättömän hieno.

    Lyhyesti, ihan törkeen hieno ruutu !!!

  3. Nade: Thank you, hun!^^

    viikate: :D :) Whiiii! Kiitos. (Tai siis nuo nyt menee aika lailla kuvaajan piikkiin tietty!)


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