11 March 2011

Today's photoshoot

Today I went to Loimaa to have a photoshoot with Hannu Mäkelä. And boy did we shoot!

Here's a little taste of what we did. And little theme music below. To be enjoyed together.

(c) Hannu Mäkelä 2011, MUA: Eveliina Wallin


  1. ooh, the accessories and the light and! niiiice! ^^

  2. All the clothes and accessories are mine. :) I actually got some of them (on this one, the acrylic jumper and the scarf) out of a humongous plastick bag full of my old clothes that I didn't manage to sell at a second hand market. Lucky me, hippie-style clothes aren't in just now. ;) Although, I ended up looking pretty non-hippie in my old hippie-clothes!


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