30 March 2011

Latex by Tiina Rikala

I've modelled now twice on this same outfit on a Latex by Tiina Rikala -show. In addition I also had white and pink toy guns and a ack of money.. ;D On stage with me on this particular number there's also a sheriff - we figured we're the monkeys of the show. Our number is comedy while the two other numbers are sexy and sassy. :D Hahaaa! Oh well, I enjoy making jokes - I even thought of becoming a stand up comedian as a kid. :D (Then realised how afraid I was of microphones and hearing my own voice on the speakers...) Okay this has nothing to do with my topic. :D

Here's the pic. Make up is by Tiina as well.
Latex by Tiina Rikala

Anyway, it's always fun to work with Tiina (and co). :) We may be working together in the summer as well. Since the collapse of Heavenly Circus, Tiina is continuing on the same field - which is awesome.
Here the previous show I did with Tiina and Heavenly Circus, here  the shoot with Qumma me wearing a dress by Tiina.

Heheee, here you can see my money!


  1. Selluliitti ja latex on kyllä melkoisen ihana yhdistelmä :'D

  2. No eiks ookki! Mut se on ku tuo kolmekymppiä alkaa häämöttämään ni alkaa selluliitit löllyä.. O.O Ootahan vaan muutaman vuoden päästä millasia kuvia täällä onkaan! ;D


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