24 March 2011

The annoying little things

This is going to be the first ranting post of this blog! Wow. :D So beware..

There are a few things that annoy me in photographers and in people looking at my pictures. These situations described here are exaggerated to some extent and some have happened to me one time only. Don't take this too seriously either. ;)

The photos are chosen on the basis of having me there looking angry or dissaproving. No relation with the incidents mentioned with the photographers. ;)

(c) Sami Saarenpää 2009 w/ Olga

- "Oh you got tattoos", says the photographer on the set. Yes. I friggin do have tattoos! You'd know that if you'd read my profile and chekced my photos on my portfolio anywhere.

- "Oh and remove your nose ring", says the photographer on the set as though surprised I got a nosering. If they'd checked my portfolio in MM (where basically all the photographers have found me in the first place) they'd know this and they could tell me in advance they want a look without the ring. This is easy to fix though.

- "You don't look like yourself at all!" says my friend/mother/anyone who knows me personally after seeing my photo. Well, yeaaah. What'd the point of modelling be if I always looked the same in every photo. O.o The whole point of modelling, my dears, is to be versatile, to look different, even weird. It's not the point to always look pretty and cute either.

(c) Sami Saarenpää 2009
- When arriving to the agreed place at the agreed time all ready with makeup on, ready to poseposepose, and realising the photographer is not ready at all. Ehm.. why did we agree to meet at this time if you haven't cleaned up the place(!)/ set the equipment/ thought of where to shoot and what to do. I could've come later, you know. Obviously there are exceptions to this: if we go to the location together (it'd be great if the photographer was familiar with the location beforehand), if the studio is far and the photographer takes me, also, if we're basically friends with the photographer and can chat about whatever then it's not such a big deal, but when I come to a photoshoot I'm ready. Always with make up on (maybe adding only lipstick), preferably also the clothes. Also, I arrive on time. So why won't the photographer?!

- Photographers expecting me to have a ginormous wardrobe. No, I do not. I shop mostly second hand. I use my clothes till they fall apart. I don't have the trendiest sack-like shirts. I hate leggings. And no, I do not have just that particular style skirt, shoes, shirt, dress. I also have very limited amount of shoes and clothes of a particular historical era/ certain style.

Photoshoot for JoyFactory (c) Sami Saarenpää 2009

- Realising the photographer isn't really that big. Sure it's good to praise pneself, but bragging about stuff when one really isn't all that is just pointless - and will prove to be lie. So if you haven't shot all that much, don't tell me you're very experienced.

- Trying to make the model undress. We agree on implied nude and that nothing's supposed to show in the eventual photographs. During the shoot the photographer keeps telling me to lift my hem or lower my skirt, even asking me to take more clothes off. No, I will not, that is ot what we agreed on. Moron. I will never shoot with you again.

- Photographers that are photographers only to get to see(shoot nekked ladies. Need I say more?

Me doing what I do best.. making fun at serious situations. (c) Nadi Hammouda 2010

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