7 March 2011

New layout

Even though I did like the orange layout of my blog I decided to go for a little more modern one. This one is better cos it allows me to add bigger pics and videos cos this one is wider thann the last one. Blogger has developed since I got started and now it's almost fun to try out different looks for your blog! I used the colour codes from my old layout and got nearly the same colour scheme here. I bit more pink though;).. I've got a bit of an addiction to pink developing. O.o A little scary for a person who's been dressing in black for the last 5 or so years!

But hey, I'll try and post the next part of the "the story" series. Haven't had any photoshoots this year. :( So sad. But thenagain, I've been super stressed out and since modelling for me is a hobby.. well, maybe it's understandable that I haven't organized for photoshoots. But hey, I got one this Friday coming up! So maybe I'll have some pictures to post soon.

(c) Nadi Hammouda 2010


  1. Todella mielenkiintoista lukea 2/2 sitten. Mä olen kiinnostunut aina kuvien making of kuvista ja tälläinen historiikki mallin puolelta kirjoitettuna on jo etukäteen mielenkiintoinen. Varsinkin kun on useita kuvauksia ja olen nähnyt niissä sen molemminpuolisen yhteistyön kehittymisen tasolle jossa en ainakaan itse enään juuri enempää osaa mallilta toivoa.

  2. juurikin väärään kirjoitukseen meni kommentti...


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