4 May 2011

Not quite Tank Girl... but almost there. :D

It's been almost a year since I shot with Markus the last time. We had fun though (this time as well as the last time). ^^ It was also extremely sunny and warm (Easter) day. Check out the whole set here on fotoni.org.

(c) Markus Lehto 2011

(c) Markus Lehto

Oh and we also had a bit of an audience while shooting this set.. an old guy from a house nearby came out to, apparently, check his mail - for a quite lengthy period of time. After all, it was Easter Moday, so there was no mail delivered that day. x) Weeelll, some holiday fun for an old guy..

(c) Markus Lehto

The pants, by the way, are by Tiina Rikala. :) They're not made for me particularly, but I fell in love with them on this show. Why can't a person go around wearing pvc hotpants all day everyday - or even on a Friday night! I would if it was possible! (And yeah, sure I could, but I'm not that into people staring and grabbing my ass and asking me degrading questions.)

(c) Markus Lehto

(c) Markus Lehto

Aaaaand I still love my hair. ^^ Cutting off the dreads was the best thing ever.


  1. Nää on hienoja!! Tossa tokassa kuvassa oot ilmetty Lisbeth Salander! Huikee taivas!

    Amanda ;)

  2. IIIIIKH!!! Lisbeth <3 ihanaaihanaa! Kiitoskiitos!! ^^ <3 Oijh. ParaskohteliaisuusniinkuIKINÄ!

    Puspuspus. Kiitos, honey. ^^ Hih.

    Ja siis sillon oli pilvetön sininen taivas kyllä juu. :)

  3. Ihania kuvia, oot kaunis malli =)


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