17 May 2011

Going back in history: 2009 pt. 2/2

First, what we did with Sami Saarenpää in the year 2009 (in addition to this previous post).

In addtion to being in porn adult entertainment magazines this year (Hustler and Erotiikan Maailma, although, only as a catalogue model type of thing, no spreading them legz) I did another shoot for Dare Dolls (which atm seems to have been disappeared from the net). This time with Olga. I'd wanted to do a collaboration with another model for some time and then I came up this idea of Olga. Or was it Sami's idea.. hmmm, might've been actually.

Aaaanyway, here a couple of those.
(c) Sami Saarenpää 2009 with Olga

(c) Sami Saarenpää 2009 with Olga

(c) Sami Saarenpää 2009 with Olga

Later the same year I did a bit more classy stuff with him.
(c) Sami Saarenpää 2009

(c) Sami Saarenpää 2009
I got to try a couple of other new things this year as well. First up: body painting modelling for Heli Tikkanen. Here she's adding the final glitter on the paint. This was a very quickly done bodypainting jog in a party. She told me she normally has lots more time to paint a person. And even this took for quite some time!
Unfortunately I have no idea who took this picture.
During summer I did my first moving picture-thingy: Duke short film, where I starred as the stripper. The video was released finally this winter and got huge success on youtube and was recocgnized all over the world by different gaming magazines and such. Even the man who invented Duke Nukem complimented the video! :D Awesome! Later the vid was hidden for underaged viewers, and can thus only be seen by logging on Youtube. This is quite silly imho. There is no nudity and no real striptease. I merely hang around the pole. Read these posts about making the video!

Here's once more me and "Duke".

I guess that was all worth mentioning for 2009! See you aigain in 2010. :D

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