5 May 2011

One less car, huh?

I could write a story for this one... but I'll leave it this time and not ruin your photography. ;)

Another shoot with Sami. Well actually, the same shoot with the biaatch and the stripey -concepts. I guess we tend to do lots of things once we get together. But hey, it works like that!

(c) Sami Saarenpää 2011

(c) Sami Saarenpää 2011

Okay, fine, the point in this was to shoot Sami's new bike. :D He just wanted to have me as an accessory there. x)

(c) Sami Saarenpää 2011
And yes, you've seen the socks and the shoes and the shirt and the bra before. -.- My wardrobe is only that extensive.


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