30 October 2011

Yet unpublished..

I found some unpublished pics from last summer on my computer.. thought it'd be a good time to share, cos it'll be a while I get new ones. Well, I should get more latex-golf pics next week though. :) But next weekend I'm going to Helsinki to meet friends and, surprise surprise, do two or three shoots - most likely three. Yippee, I'm soooo loving this again right now. How I wish I could just live on modelling. *sigh*

And looking at these pics how I wish it was summer again. *sigh*

(c) Sami Saarenpää 2011

(c) Sami Saarenpää 2011

(c) Sami Saarenpää 2011

If you like Sami's work he has a Facebook page. You can Like it. :)

(c) Sami Saarenpää 2011

(c) Sami Saarenpää 2011

More of these sets on previous posts...
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Is it again just me, or do you get a story by juxtaposing these pics/sets?

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