7 February 2011

The story of Jodie going model

I thought I'd share with you some sort of time line of what I've been doing and how I've developed as a model. However, as I took a look at my first photoshoot I realized it'd be waaaay too difficult to just pic one picture here an another there for just one post. Therefore, I'm gonna do this in several posts. So, here begins the story of J. You can find all these posts later in tags by the name of "the story".

Aaanyway, here are some pics from my first photoshoot ever. Well, before this I'd had my high school graduation shoot and my "prom" shoot before that. The graduation picture is especially pretty nice - it was even put on display on the window of the shop. That was a bit of a highlight of my life at that point. ;D Hehee.

But now I'm gonna share with you the aforementioned First Photoshoot of Jodie. When Jodie started to go all model. :D The shoot was with markus Lehto in my flat.

(c) Markus Lehto, 2006
Where did the idea of shooting together come from? There's this thing called irc-galleria... x) I had pictures there, so did Markus. I'm not sure who asked who to do something together. In my version it was him asking me to model for him, but he's saying it was me asking to shoot with him. :D So, who knows. Good that we did!
(c) Markus Lehto, 2006
I was of course super nervous. I 'd met Markus for a coffee beforehand though. It was good at the time, cos I knew nothing about the whole scene. Now I prefer to keep it professional and skip all nonsense such as going to have a coffee with photographers. ;D

(c) Markus Lehto, 2006
 I do look a little shy and nervous. It's funny though, that even now very often in the first pictures of the shoot I look exactly the same. x) The little shy Jodie. Aaaw.

(c) Markus Lehto, 2006
Daymn, I so miss those trousers. I still got them, they're just so worn out that I don't feel like wearing them anywhere i public. xD Also I so miss that green wall! It was the biggest wall of the apartment and really nice light forrest green. Not lime, not light green, nope. Nice shade of green that changed from yeallowish to olive-ish as the sun moved through my flat.

Aaaand after this shoot I think we arranged to ahoot again pretty soon.. :) This was November 2006. I was 22. Sigh.

Happy to be where I am now, though! ^^


  1. Jodie, you're such an interesting person, I really appreciate how much of yourself you are willing to share with "us"! It would be nice if you posted some pictures from before you started modeling also!
    Once again, I love your toes in the picture against the green wall. There's so much about this picture that I like... I would be happy to go into detail if you are curious! Nice job to both you and Markus!
    Good luck,

  2. Mielenkiintoinen bloggaus. Itseasiassa mä joskus kysyin Markukselta että voisiko se välittää mun yhteystiedot sulle josko saatais jotain kuvattua.

    Aika vähällä ennakkosuunnittelulla tehtiin Park hotel setti ja hyvä tuli.

    Sorrun itse joskus selailemaan vanhoja kuviani ja niistä miettimään miten kaikki on mennyt. Ehkä pitäisi itsekin joskus blogata jotain vastaa.

  3. Robert: Pictures of me before modelling.. hmmm. I don't really see any difference with that and pictures taken of me outside modelling context now. :D I mean, I suck at party photos etc big time. x) Although, those few photos I mentioned in my post might be "worth" posting.. I mean the "prom" and the graduation pics. Maybe even my drivers licence pic, cos I look daymn good in that one! :D

    Sami: Jooo, Markus on mun pimp. :D Ja jännää oli se, että sillon samana päivänä ku olin just ajatellu et hitsi ku olis kiva kuvata juonkun toisenki kuvaajan kanssa välillä, ni se laitto viestii muistaakseni nimenomaan sulta, et tämmönen kuvaaja haluis kuvata mun kanssa. :D Hihii!

  4. Actually, I thought it would be interesting to see pictures of you growing up... From 10 or 20 years ago. BUT since this is a modeling blog, maybe that wouldn't work for you.


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