5 February 2011

Getting painted..

I just realized that I haven't said a word about Steve Gatlin's last visit to Finland (remember Steve? He's the guy behind this music video I posted earlier). He was here on early December and brought with him a live painter, or The performance painter Neal Ray Barbosa (see links at the end of this post!). I was lucky enough to invite two of my dearest friends with me to be painted by him on stage while Rebound was playing! Can it get any more awesome?! :D

I guess I haven't posteda bout this earlier, cos I've been sort of waiting to get some "real" pictures of the show and what happened on stage. Now I just feel like, whatever, Neal deserves his post. :D Even with a "crappy" pic taken by me by myself at home with my crappy camera and dim lights.

Me and my girls were super nervous and excited about hopping on stage with the band (it was an event of total of 3 bands). However, when we got there, at least I lost all the nervousness and just felt great! :D We were dancing up there and just jamming to the music - while Neal was painting t-shirts that we were wearing. It was simply fun! :D

I'm sooooo happy and feel soooo grateful I've had the opportunity to meet with these people from the sunny California.. that's where I'd rather be. So cos I just now can't be in California, it's just perfect they're bringing the California to me. :D And ofcourse it was super rad to hang out with the guys from Rebound after their show;D!

But hey, here's the pic that could be better. :D Notice me standing in all fashion bloggerish kinda way.. x)

Here's Neal's blog. Here Facebook and here webpage. I didn't know which to add, so here are them all. :D

And here my friend's shirt. :)

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