13 December 2010

An afternoon.. pt II (and lovin my hair:D)

Just thought to add some more pics here from the shoot with Nadi.. the one below is my new favourite. ^^

(c) Nadi Hammouda

(c) Nadi Hammouda

(c) Nadi Hammouda

Aaaaand, totally unrelated to these pics (well, not enetirely), I must say I absolutely love my hair. :D Cutting my dreads off was probably the best thing I've done in ages. I would love to give big thank you hugs to those who supported me on this!<3 And do not-sure-what to those who opposed.. But then again, maybe they see it now too how awesome decision this was. Oh and a ginormous extraspecial thankyou to Patsku at Naps of course!^^

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