27 June 2010

White Trash Blues coming up..

Here's little something from what's coming up! :D I can tell you this was a hell of a fun afternoon with some awesome people and I'm SO looking forward to seeing the video! The music video was for Rebound's latest single White Trash Blues directed by Steve Gatlin. Unfortunately we had no time (or energy) to do a photoshoot with him. But next time we're in the same country.. we're gonna do it for sure! It was great to work with Steve and Rebound and Artturi and the girls -who brought such an energy to the shoot!

However, I need a little help here since I have a difficult choice to make: which name am I going to use.. in the poster now it says Jodie, but the name will also appear in the credits at the end of the video. The first instinct was to go with my real name, which I also used in the Duke -shortfilm.. but then again.. Jodie is my modelling name..could make it into Jodie P, but then again if someone wants to find me for instance in Facebook they'll be more likely to do so by using my real name.. O.O Choices, choices.. never been too good at them. Help, anyone?

A little note now afterwards: this poster is where it ended up with my difficult choice. :D

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