21 June 2010

Jodie in Wonderland

The fairy tale continues.. :) Many of you ahve said that in the previous pics I look like a fairy or pixie, well, whatd'ya think of these? ;)

Here's a sneak peek of what we did with Emilia Kallinen the other day -or evening more so. We did this shoot at Ruissalo, an island almost attached to the mainland here in Turku. The nature is really beautiful there. And I felt like a princess with the outfit and my hair done 'n all. ^^

Styling, hair, outfit and everything is by Emilia. :)

More of these to come.. for example one with me facing my fear: face to face with a bunny rabbit. O.O

Oh, and the mosquitos in Ruissalo were far worse than the ones on the rocks. Goaaarrrh, but hey, for the art;).

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  1. Etenkin toi jälkimmäinen kuva on aivan ihana <3


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