4 May 2010

Spring and fairy tales

These photos are from April 2008. I got to be a fairy^^. Or maybe an elf.. hmmm. Photos are by Markus Lehto.

I've always loved fairytales and I still do. I still have to read Ronja ryövärintytär by Astrid Lindgren (Ronia the Robber's Daughter) every now and then because it's just so amazing book (and has a little stubborn girl as the hero! Talk about identification..). I've also bought some picture books now that I'm all grown up. But fairy tales are so wonderfully imaginative and perfect escapism and they sometimes have the most amazing picures that why should one stop loving them when they become older. No they shouldn't!

And as I'm writing this, a dark heavy cloud is approaching from the East and hiding the pale blue of the evening sky. From my window I can already see it's raining far back there and waiting for the first rain drops to hit my window sill..

(And that's true! How dramatic is that!^^ Just waiting for the beeeeautiful summer thunder storms!)

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  1. Fantastic Jodie.

    I just love the photo of you in the forest.



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