21 September 2013

Android in Latex

I start modelling again and boom I'm head to toes in latex yet again. :D Literally this time. I was in a show for Latex by Tiina Rikala (website, Facebook). The show took place in a fetish ball here in Tampere where I now live. So it was an easy and hassle-free gig for me. I was ready before the others (no much need for make up) and we had plenty of time to have a nice photoshoot with Sami Maanpää before the show. Somewhat of a challenge to shoot when you cannot see or hear the photographer (the head piece) and you're covered in a shiny suit (the light). :D

Sami Maanpää for Latex by Tiina Rikala 2013
I fell in love with that top! I'm sooo happy I got it just before another photoshoot.. cos it was just perfect for that too. Also it fits me perfectly and because of its shape it's super comfortable. ^^ I love the cut too. A friend commented surprised that it's not as sexy as she'd thought (she did not see it on me though;)!). I know. Though she's wrong: this is sexy. It's super hot and it also makes me feel like I'm a super hero. You don't need to show cleavage to be hot y'know. Aaaand a bit of androgyny nevere hurt no one, right. :3 Hm, is a model allowed to praise a piece of clothing this much? :D

Sami Maanpää for Latex by Tiina Rikala 2013

Oh and my role on the show was sort of an android-killer -thingy. Tiina's shows are never just your plain walk up and down the runway, more of a show really. :)

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